John Diefenbaker’s Phys. Ed./Intramural program

JD has a strong tradition of Intra-School and Inter-school sports and activities. Our extracurricular sport programs involve most if not all of our teachers. Without their continued volunteering, our students/athletes would not receive such a quality program.


Welcome to week 2 activities

Halloween Gym Blasts

Valentine’s Day activities

Winter Carnival

Stinger Cup

  • Volleyball
  • Dodgeball
  • 21
  • Bump
  • Badminton
  • Tchonkball
  • Floor Hockey
  • Big Fat Bat Ball


Cross Country 4-8 (60 athletes)

Volleyball 6-8 (4 teams)

Basketball 6-8 (4 teams)

Badminton 6-8 (50+ Athletes)

Track 4-8 (Everyone)